Why women’s clothing sizes don’t make sense?

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Getting that magic number right has always been a little tricky to learn before you hit the shopping malls. Sizing is a great issue faced by women all around. Here is what usually happens. You have this usual jeans’ waist size on your mind and you just walk in and pick up a pair of jeans and try it out to find that its’ either too tight or too loose. Women panic and believe that they either gained up so many pounds that their waist size have changed and likewise lost weight badly. So what’s the real problem here?

 Different brands offer different sized women’s clothing. A size 28 jeans from Levis may not be the same as that you get from United Colours of Benetton. It is not that your body is changing, it’s the fact that different brands and companies come up with different marketing strategies into selling their product. And yes, you must be wondering, “marketing strategies affecting the size? What difference does that even make?” You would be surprised by how much an average shopper’s mind can get influenced by those magic numbers.

 So this epic sizing issue. We owe it all to this one little marketing strategy that aimed at making women feel they have become skinnier. Vanity Sizing or some call it the size inflation.  Let’s face it. Knowing that your size has gone down by an inch or so would surely make you on the mood to knock up a few more items into that shopping cart.

 Let’s understand this “Vanity Sizing”.

  • It’s a term referring to the manufacturers or the brands tweaking up the size of women’s clothing.
  • Originally it was a marketing tool
  • But nowadays, the average size of women have increased making it essential to change the size chart
  • The brands now have to satisfy a diverse range of sizes belonging to different countries and social statuses.
  • A size 12 in 1970 is the equivalent of the modern days size 0

The brands’ can’t entirely be blamed. In the beginning, it was considered obvious to have a trip to the tailor after buying a ready-made cloth. Getting an alteration was necessary for almost everything until jeans and other such clothing items gained popularity. Now, the brands aim at giving the perfect fit clothing so that you need not go for a trip to the tailor. Online shopping is something that becomes utterly confusing with all the different sizes and brands. Stuff like ethnic wear is less affected as they always seek for some kind of shape alteration.

 Thus we can simply put this as a small situation that all the brands need to face together. Getting a universal size that holds true among all brands can surely ease the life of a shopper. Till then all we can do is to try out the cloth rather than blindly taking it home.

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